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Garito garito at sistes.net
Fri Oct 20 08:41:58 EDT 2006

Andreas Jung escribió:
> --On 20. Oktober 2006 14:20:51 +0200 Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>>>    And I know, in principle, all the potential caveats...
>> Can you point me to some example/product to try to avoid this kind of
>> errors?
> You got already multiple useful advices how to proceed. Take one!
> Follow the road that almost all reasonable Zope developers would use:
> write your own accessor  methods or use ComputedAttribute or
> work with Python properties. But you should forget your (weird) idea.
> Get it out of your head. Now!
> -aj
Sorry but you don't know the whole project
If there are a test to do I'll do it because I need to evaluate if Zope 
is my solution or not

There are things on Zope that I like a lot but there are things I don't

If Zope is not my solution I need to found the right solution

No weird anything: Zope could do the work or not, easy, don't you thing so?

Perhaps Zope 3?

I don't know (I'm asking to you)

But, please, don't tell me to forget my idea is like if I tell you what 
I think about the things I don't like about Zope and the I says: Zopers, 
forget Zope because I don't like ZClass or DTML

Sorry again (for my expressions fault)

Mis Cosas

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