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Garito garito at sistes.net
Fri Oct 20 09:08:26 EDT 2006

Andreas Jung escribió:
> --On 20. Oktober 2006 14:41:58 +0200 Garito <garito at sistes.net> wrote:
>>> -aj
>> Sorry but you don't know the whole project
> No project can be as scary as your requirements of your original 
> posting :-)
>> If there are a test to do I'll do it because I need to evaluate if Zope
>> is my solution or not
> Zope and Python are likely a prefect choice to your (unknown) problem but
> you need to understand some basic principles of both.
>> But, please, don't tell me to forget my idea is like if I tell you 
>> what I
>> think about the things I don't like about Zope and the I says: Zopers,
>> forget Zope because I don't like ZClass or DTML
> So why don't you follow the "standard" way? Dieter pointed you using
> __getattr__() but I doubt that it is the right choice for you because you
> with your small Python background you will definitely run into problems
> that will be hard for you to be resolved on your own. So take the 
> common road. This is less painful.
> -aj
I agree with you: my Python background is uncompleted but I'll learn 
Python/Zope as deep as I need to create the product I'm looking for

There are some Zope standard ways to do the job but my experience tells 
me to avoid some programmers responsability because programmers make 
mistakes (I know it because I make mistakes ;-) )

The requieriment of my product is to be simple to use even if the 
morphology of this product is a little hard or weird

The simplest way is to implement the "general accessor" as I thing but I 
don't know if Zope do it possible

If not I can find another way to do the same but the accessor way seems 
the *simplest* one

I try to find the mother cell to describe *every* entity. Is that goal 
what is weird but, boys, weird problems wants weird solutions

Perhaps new ways begins as weird projects

If you thing __getattr__ will be the solutions perhaps I could try it 
but if you point me to avoid the recursive problems I could do the job

Can you point me to a product or a paper to understand the __getattr__ 


Mis Cosas

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