[Zope] ZSQL Method's Precision

David H bluepaul at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 24 00:38:00 EDT 2006

Jason C. Leach wrote:

> Hi:
> In a PostgreSQL DB I have a Numeric data type with a precision of two
> decimal places. If I have 1.33 in as the result from my query, it's
> everything is good. However, if I have 1.30 it reduces the precision
> to one decimal place and I get 1.3. Not so good when dealing with
> currency ( I don't want to use the money data dype ).
> Any ideas on how I can get my ZSQL method to keep two decimal places?
> Thanks,
> Jason.
1.3 and 1.30 are different only in terms display and printing.  One 
approach can be wrapping your calls to the zsql in a python script that 
applies formatting before returning the relavent results.

res = yourZSQL(params or request is all set up)
return "$%.2f" % res[0].yourAmountThatYouNeedToFORMAT

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