[Zope] Uploading photos into newly created objects

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Tue Oct 24 06:44:05 EDT 2006

I'm trying to upload a Photo into a newly create object in my product 
class. The code looks something like this::

def manage_addSomething(dispatcher, id, title, photofile):
     destination = dispatcher.Destination()
     instance = Something(id, title)
     destination._setObject(id, instance)
     obj = destination._getOb(id)
     # at this point, is 'obj' wrapped in aq stuff???

     _adder = obj.manage_addProduct['Photo'].manage_addPhoto
     _adder(id='', title='', file=photofile)

class Something(Folder):
     def __init__(self, id, title):
         self.id = id
         self.title = title

The error I get is:
   File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope285/Products/Photo/Photo.py", line 664, 
in manage_addPhoto
     dest._setObject(id, photo)
AttributeError: _setObject

I'm using Photo product 1.2.3 but I don't think it matters if it's a 
Photo I'm trying to add or any other product.

If I add the photo after the transaction has been completed in a 
separate request it works fine to add the photo to the recently created 

Any idea?

Peter Bengtsson,
work www.fry-it.com
home www.peterbe.com
hobby www.issuetrackerproduct.com

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