[Zope] DTML Call Fails

hpinson at indepthl.com hpinson at indepthl.com
Tue Oct 24 12:34:20 EDT 2006

A little bit of legacy DTML fun here... Zope 2.9.3

On save of a DTML Method, why would this dtml-call fail:

<dtml-let standards="REQUEST.SESSION">
  <dtml-call "standards.set('AR-DA-08', AR-DA-08)">

With the error: 

"Expression (Python) Syntax error: invalid token"

Whereas this works fine:

<dtml-let standards="REQUEST.SESSION">
  <dtml-call "standards.set('AR-DA-07', AR-DA-07)">

Any insight is appreciated.

Harlow Pinson
Indepth Learning
Email: hpinson at indepthl.com
Phone: 505 994-2135
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