[Zope] Re: _p_resolveConflict not called on conflict

Joachim Schmitz js at aixtraware.de
Wed Aug 8 10:38:03 EDT 2007

Tres Seaver schrieb:
> I don't know how you calibrate your expectations, Chris, but conflict
> resolution is a property of (some) *storages*;  the connectoins in
> application servers have nothing to do with it.  For objects served from
> a ZEO storage, conflict resolution is only possible if:
>   - The underlying storage is conflict resolving (FileStorage is;  none
>     of the others which ship with ZODB are).
>   - The storage server can import the class of the object under
>     conflict (this is why the BTrees code ships with ZODB, actually,
>     so that the storage server can use its conflict resolution hooks).
> Installing the products containing application-defined conflict
> resolution on the storage server is the only way to enable that conflict
> resolution in a ZEO-backed deployment.
As a side-note: this should be mentioned in the README of the 
QueueCatalog, there is a _p_resolveConflict defined.


Gruß Joachim

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