[Zope] Re: Trouble migrating from Zope 2.5.x to Zope 2.9.x

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Aug 9 09:25:35 EDT 2007

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Subject: Re: [Zope] Re: Trouble migrating from Zope 2.5.x to Zope 2.9.x

> Hi Maurits,
> Thanks for the speedy reply!
> Hmmm... you make a good point about the ZODB file size.  At
> installation, though, there was a notable difference.  The new,
> default Data.fs was 2.9MB, whereas the mounted, older Data.fs
> (renamed, of course) was/is 4.4MB.
> I like your suggestion re: just upgrading though each minor release
> number.  If someone doesn't suggest an alternative, speedier route,
> then I'll do as you suggest.

I would try the following:

1) Create a new, clean 2.9.x installation
2) Copy the Data.fs file (your 2.5.x version)

And see if it works. It could be that your non-root installation is messing 
things up.  If you have any ZCatalogs you will need to fix up the indexes 
(see the READMEs, there was some change in 2.6? 2.8? that requires a utility 
to update the indexes).


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