[Zope] SOAP - Integration?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Aug 9 13:55:51 EDT 2007

Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-8-6 05:29 +0200:
> ...
>> Technical Questions:
>>   - Is it possible to let this package work like the xml-rpc stuff.
>>     (every method is accessable through http,xml-rpc,soap?)

I have implemented something like this (not yet open source and
documented only in German). It does not use any Zope3 part.

The "SOAP" part uses "ZSI" as SOAP middle ware but is up to now only
lightly tested. It does not yet support WSDL.

Unlike Zope's XML-RPC support, it is not build into the ZPublisher
(more precisely "ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.HTTPRequest") but requires
traversal through a special RPC marshaller/demarshaller object which
performs RPC marshalling/demarshalling for XML-RPC, SOAP and Repr.


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