[Zope] Form-Through-Script

tonylabarbara at aol.com tonylabarbara at aol.com
Mon Aug 13 15:39:40 EDT 2007

I have a form that I need to send to a script and then send off to a URL (PayPal). I need to process it through the script to renumber things for PP. How do I do this? I imagine I add an element to the PT like so:

<form action="renumberTheCart(here/CheckOutAfterEditStuff)" method="post">

but I need to pass a parameter "doc", which, of course, is the document I'm submitting. So I tried this:

<form action="renumberTheCart(here/CheckOutAfterEditStuff)" method="post">
<p metal:use-macro="here/CheckOutAfterEditStuff/macros/main" />

which renders my page fine, but throws an error when I submit the form:

Cannot locate object at: http://example.com/s/c/x/j/en-us/s/renumberTheCart%28here

What do I do? Also, where do I return the document? Can I re.sub the "form action" in my script to send it to a new place? Does it just refresh the original doc?

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