[Zope] ExternalFile can't read mapped network drive

Ken Ara feedreader at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 07:43:01 EDT 2007


In a Windows2003 Server environment, we have been unable to get ExternalFile to
read a mapped network drive that is otherwise visible from this machine.

We have given admin rights to the Zope service, "Zope instance at
C:\Zope\Instance\2.10.4" (uses "C:\Zope\2.10.4\Python\PythonService.exe"). Have
we missed something?

Attempting to add an ExternalFile batch (manage_addBatchViaGui) fails with the


ERROR: directory ''Z:'' does not exist or is not readable.
No action taken. 


This error is not logged in error_log, so there's no better traceback.

Can this be made to work?  Thanks!


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