[Zope] How Do I "Structure" This?

tonylabarbara at aol.com tonylabarbara at aol.com
Wed Aug 15 11:20:17 EDT 2007

I tried this:
<a tal:attributes="href string:${here/a_script}?doc=${x}">
but got this error:
Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: a_script() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)
Next, I rewrote the script to put in a try statement for the variable, to test that, but before I even got to test I looked at the rendered code from the above line and it gave me this:
<a href="&lt;html&gt;&lt;body&gt;nope&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;?doc=0">
So it doesn't look like the "string:${..." workaround worked :(
And I don't think I need to URLquote.

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Ah Tony,?
looks like the penny is yet to drop...?
tonylabarbara at aol.com wrote:?
> Bummer. Well, I'm trying to call a script that will render content to the Web, like this:?
> <a tal:attributes="href python:here.a_script(str(x))">?
My guess is that what you're _really_ trying to do here is:?
<a href=""?
?tal:attributes="href string:${here/a_script/absolute_url}?avar=${x}"/>?
...but next you'll be wondering how to url quote x.?
I feel we're fighting a loosing battle here...?
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