[Zope] cannot access POST content in Zope

Manuel Spuhler manuel.spuhler at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 04:16:00 EDT 2007

Hello Martijn,

many thanks for your answer

> Zope special-cases POST requests with content-type text/xml; it treats
> these as XML-RPC requests. I don't think you can work around this
> either. :(

Ok, I see, this is bad for me :-/

> Take a look at HTTPRequest.processInputs in lib/python/HTTPRequest.py,
> together with lib/python/xmlrpc.py in your Zope installation, to see
> if you find a way around this, or where to patch to disable this.
> The easier way would for you to alter the format in which the SMS
> gateway contacts the Zope server, though. A properly encoded POST
> request (multipart/form-data) would be much preferable and easier to
> deal with than patching Zope ;).

I'll try the easiest way first,
but as it's not standard, I might have to patch Zope

in HTTPRequest.py I found

# Hm, maybe it's an XML-RPC
             if (fs.headers.has_key('content-type') and
                 'text/xml' in fs.headers['content-type'] and
                 method == 'POST'):
                 # Ye haaa, XML-RPC!

This could make my day ;-)


Manuel Spuhler

> -- 
> Martijn Pieters

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