[Zope] Re: cannot access POST content in Zope

Manuel Spuhler manuel.spuhler at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 18:29:32 EDT 2007

Thank you Tres,

if you have this problem, there is something in the Zope FAQ (!)

For my Zope 2.9, the configure.zcml file would not work.
At first sight the XmlFix could work for Zope 2.9, it didn't for me
because I have SOAPSupport installed, which already patch

So I patched ZPublisher.HTTPRequest again

## this is MS hack to disable xmlrpc and send back the text/xml
  # Hm, maybe it's an XML-RPC
            if (fs.headers.has_key('content-type') and
                'text/xml' in fs.headers['content-type'] and method == 'POST'):
                form['xml']= fs.value
                self.maybe_webdav_client = 0

I had to add a "xml" key, because as Tres Seaver said, ( I just
understood what you wrote when I dug into Zope, thank you for your
help ) the xml body is not marshalled. Then I got my xml back in

I'm not a Zope specialist, so it might sound terrible to do it like
this. If you have a nice way to code it, I'd love to learn it. At last
it works fine for me.


Manuel Spuhler

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