[Zope] Global Variable In PT

tonylabarbara at aol.com tonylabarbara at aol.com
Thu Aug 23 13:47:15 EDT 2007

I have this code (editing out the extraneous) at the beginning of a page:

<body bgcolor="#ffffff" 
      tal:define="newRow string:yes">

After calling some other variables (specifically rotating through a changing ¨item¨ (for item in items...)), I try and change newRow:

<span tal:define="global newRow item/newRow" tal:omit-tag="" />

Then I try and call newRow:

<p tal:replace="newRow" />

But it gives me the original value. Now, if I edit the page like this:

<span tal:define="global newRow item/newRow" tal:omit-tag="">
<p tal:replace="newRow" />

it gives me a different value (the one I expect and want). Obviously, my ¨global¨ definition isn´t going global. What can I do to make it global; that is, call it outside of the span tag?
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