[Zope] utf-8 problem in Zope when using Localizer

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Fri Aug 24 03:36:30 EDT 2007

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From: "Patrick Ulmer" <ulmer at truckport.de>
>> The http-equiv tag means not much to browser. Try setting the
>> content-type
>> including the charset within the HTTP response
>> (REQUEST.RESPONSE.setHeader(...)).
> I have checked it but it is the same problem. Browser is encoding in
> utf-8 correct, but the result (html sourcecode from zope) is not utf-8
> anymore after inserting <dtml-var "MessageCatalog('Hallo Welt!')"> and I
> don't know why it changed. How can a dtml-var-tag changed the encoding
> for the document?

What about

<dtml-var "_.str(MessageCatalog('Hallo Welt!'))">

Use _.str() solves many potential problems

Regards JL.

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