[Zope] Re: Help with DateTime.earliestTime()

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at rice.edu
Mon Aug 27 17:48:12 EDT 2007

Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Eric, on 2007-08-26:
>> To work around this, I've modified the addition so that instead of adding 1 
>> day, it adds 1.5 days.  This extra half a day is removed by the 
>> theDateTime.earliestTime() call but is enough to overcome the DST addition 
>> problem. Ugly hack.
> I had the same problem once in the eXtremeManagement Plone product.
> For a monthly overview I needed to do something for every day of the
> month.  I worked around it with the code below.
>     day = 1
>     date = DateTime(2007, 10, 1) # 1 October 2007
>     while True:
>         # skipped some lines irrelevant to the DateTime problem
>         day += 1
>         try:
>             date = DateTime(self.year, self.month, day)
>         except:
>             break
> Hm, that should probably be "except DateTime.DateTime.DateError" but
> there is not really anything else that can go wrong here.

A ConflictError can go wrong here, which is an additional and important 
reason not to have a bare except. There are good reasons without that, 
as well.



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