[Zope] dtml method contents

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Aug 30 15:25:08 EDT 2007

garry saddington wrote at 2007-8-30 15:46 +0100:
>I found this method on Zopelabs to get the contents of all ZSQL methods.
><dtml-in "ZopeFind(restrictedTraverse(['']), obj_metatypes=['DTML
>Method'], search_sub=1)">
>  <h2>&dtml.-id; (&dtml.-title_or_id;)</h2>
>  <p><i><dtml-var absolute_url></i></p>
>  <blockquote><pre><dtml-var "template"></pre></blockquote>
>Is it possible to do the same with all dtml methods? I have tried
>replacing "template" with "document_src" but this gives a mixture of
>part rendered methods and error messages which is completely jumbled.

What is the "." in "&dtml.-XXXX"? In may memory, the "." where
somewhere else (but I do not use DTML for a long time).


  Use the "prefix" attribute of "dtml-in" and replace your
  "template" above with "<yourPrefix>_item".

  ATT: keep the "..." around; otherwise, the errors will stay.


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