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--On 4. April 2008 20:31:28 +0100 Garry Saddington 
<garry at schoolteachers.co.uk> wrote:

> On Friday 04 April 2008 16:38, Andreas Jung wrote:
>> --On 4. April 2008 16:33:48 +0100 Garry Saddington
>> <garry at schoolteachers.co.uk> wrote:
>> > I have tried to find information on how many Zope instances can be run
>> > on a  single machine but all searches have failed to be definitive. Is
>> > there any information on this, because I would like to have a separate
>> > instance for each of my customers running on a different port number
>> > and it  would be useful to be able to predict the number of servers I
>> > would need.
>> As you might imagine: everything depends on the resources: Ram,
>> diskspace, CPU. A Zope instance might take as little as 80MB Ram or up
>> to 2GB per process. A site might consume no CPU, a Zope-based p0rn site
>> might require several machines...so basically we can not give a valid
>> answers..everything depends on a lot of parameters and there is no Zope
>> formula.
>> Andreas
> OK, so does the amount of RAM needed depend mainly on the size of the
> data.fs  or is there another major component?

As said: there is no formula. Memory consumption depends on caches, 
third-party products, products with memory leaks.......nothing more to add.

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