[Zope] Using buildout to distribute projects

Dennis Kempin mail at dennis-kempin.de
Sun Apr 6 21:04:32 EDT 2008


I have a project that consists of an main package and several plugin packages. 
It is very nice and easy to set this up using buildout using the develop 

But I was wondering if it is possible to use buildout to create a distribution 
of my project. 
I want to have it generate egg files from my packages instead of linking to 
their source, so i can tar the whole buildout folder without my source and 
distribute that file.  
That would be really nice because users could just untar that file and call 
the scripts in the bin folder because all required eggs are available. 

Another reason for me to use eggs for my packages is that my main package has 
to send plugins eggs to remote hosts, to keep them up to date.

Has anyone an Idea how to do this? Or is buildout not intended for that kind 
of distribution generation?

thank you and best regards,
Dennis Kempin
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