[Zope] ExternalMethod - add new parameter

Martijn Jacobs martijn at fourdigits.nl
Mon Apr 7 08:28:50 EDT 2008

rishi pathak wrote:
> There is a requirement for running some external methods as super user.
> For this I thought of adding a new parameter.If set the code would be 
> executed with effective uid of root.
> Can some one point to the code section where zope loads the 
> ExternalMethod codes for execution.
External methods are not executed as shell scripts as you might think. 
They are called by the zope process and therefore running as the 
'effective-user' which is configured in etc/zope.conf. Security wise 
it's also not recommended to do so anyway.

I'd suggest you create a cron job for the root user which does the 
things you want (you could do that in python as well).


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