[Zope] Zope under vmware is too slow

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Mon Apr 7 10:00:13 EDT 2008

Very much of RAM is free at host and guest, both physical and virtual disks 
does not swap. Speed degradation is to 15% of speed at original server, but 
vmware have 4x more CPU power. New Zope 251 server is starting about 5 
minutes, whole system performance (from ssh console) is very poor, like IBM 

It is very gratifying that somewhere is running zope under vmware fast, so I 
need to find where is the bottleneck.

Do you have some tips to run Linux under vmware faster? How about acpi/apic?

MAny thanks, JL.

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  From: Martijn Jacobs
  I must install zope under vmware, but there are big speed degradation over 
plain machine. Does somebody have some tip&tricks to run Zope under VMware 

    Many thanks, J. Lukesh
  It's probably not zope that is slow but disk access. Does it have enough 
RAM memory, is it swapping to disk often, etc?

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