[Zope] ZServer uncaptured python exception

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Mon Apr 7 09:53:05 EDT 2008

I absolutely agree and I have preached to the WEB page editors here about this 
but most of them have no idea of the difference between a relative link, an 
absolute link, and trash like this.  Using Dreamweaver they just know "it 
works" at least for them.



On Monday 07 April 2008 06:06, Chris Withers wrote:
> Thomas Bennett wrote:
> > I have had similar instances with GSA on my Zope server in that it would
> > try to index something like
> > /mydir/mydir/mydir/mydir/somefile.html
> >
> > Often I've found the case is an href that references
> > ../somethingelse.html
> Yes, that's bad coding on your part.
> cheers,
> Chris

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