[Zope] retrieving a single column from database and giving it as hyper link fetching respective data

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Fri Apr 11 01:48:22 EDT 2008

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> Dear all,
> I'm developing a biological database using Zope 2.6 and pgsql. Let me
> explain my issue with an example. There is a menu called Drug in my
> homepage, by clicking the menu the drug names along with their type in two
> different columns get displayed in the body. I can do things till that. My
> problem is , lets say there is a link called "Isoniazid"   with all other
> links(drug names) in it. When a user clicks one of the links as i said
> before as "isoniazid" only the information about isoniazid has to be
> retreived and displayed , likewise to all the other drug links.  I have no
> idea how to capture the click event and the data to be retrieved. Can
> someone help. Thanks in advance.
> And another query, how can i select text from a dropdown box. I just need
> the data which is selected in the dropdown box and sent as query.

This issue is basically not related to Zope. You can achieve your goal
using Javascript. I recommended looking at some elementary HTML and 
Javascript tutorial.

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