[Zope] the grand reunion

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Fri Apr 11 04:38:06 EDT 2008


 Actually I've two Plone "working envinronment" and one zope, each in a 
different machine:

 - one, with two zope 2.9 istances (one for developing), running both 
multiple Plone 2.5 instances
 - one, with zope 2.9, running multiple Plone 2.5 instances
 - one, with zope 2.7.9, running zope only applications

 We have bought "big iron" hardware now, where I can do almost 
everything (with a fiber channel network storage, multiple rack servers).

tipically, I use one instance to develop, and one to deploy. This mean 
different zope instances which shares only the base, and having 
different products.

I would like to have an easy way to develop without having to be subject 
to dependencies from other envinroment, minimize the effort to mantain 
it and focus on doing things :)

 Is one big zope installation, with multiple instances, well suited for 
this tasks? Or is better different zope versions? What about the various 
Data.fs, is better to have them separated by application or by zope 
envinroment? I mean all the Plone in a single Data.fs or each one in a 
separated Data.fs?

 So, what is the best approach to migrate the three servers?

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