[Zope] ExternalMethod - add new parameter

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 06:02:11 EDT 2008

rishi pathak wrote:
>               We have a portal using which users use our compute resources.
>               In zope we use NIS authentication for validating a user.We
> have many things that requires root/logged in user privledeges.One example
> is of a 'file system explorer'.In this I have used ZFSpath product.This
> explorer is used by users to navigate through their home areas and select
> what ever file they want.As of now I have changed some functions of ZFSpath
> class which I was using so that they can be executed as the logged in
> user(since zope does not have rwx permissions on other user's
> directory).This is just one case.Hope I have cleared myself well.

You are playing a mind numbingly dangerous game.

Good luck to you, but I hope people on this list refrain from further 
helping you point that large canon at your left toe...


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