[Zope] Re: [Plone-developers] the grand reunion

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Fri Apr 11 10:04:43 EDT 2008

hi yuri,

when setting up a zope/zeo task and everything was still a bit of a 
challenge (at least to me) we tended to have everything in one big 
instance that served some 20 low traffic sites.
since then setting up a site with all the tools it needs has become a 
trivially easy and quick to execute task. we have converted nearly all 
these sites to have their own instance.

I would not do it differently anymore ..


Yuri schrieb:
> Hi!
>  Actually I've two Plone "working envinronment" and one zope, each in a 
> different machine:
>  - one, with two zope 2.9 istances (one for developing), running both 
> multiple Plone 2.5 instances
>  - one, with zope 2.9, running multiple Plone 2.5 instances
>  - one, with zope 2.7.9, running zope only applications
>  We have bought "big iron" hardware now, where I can do almost 
> everything (with a fiber channel network storage, multiple rack servers).
> tipically, I use one instance to develop, and one to deploy. This mean 
> different zope instances which shares only the base, and having 
> different products.
> I would like to have an easy way to develop without having to be subject 
> to dependencies from other envinroment, minimize the effort to mantain 
> it and focus on doing things :)
>  Is one big zope installation, with multiple instances, well suited for 
> this tasks? Or is better different zope versions? What about the various 
> Data.fs, is better to have them separated by application or by zope 
> envinroment? I mean all the Plone in a single Data.fs or each one in a 
> separated Data.fs?
>  So, what is the best approach to migrate the three servers?
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