[Zope] Critical system hosed (was: Upgrade to 2.7.2 results in all content unavailable)

Wes Modes wmodes at ucsc.edu
Fri Apr 11 12:50:55 EDT 2008

Nope.  No errors, with zopectl or in event.log.  Starts happily, though 
clearly not pointing at my old content.  Though it would seem 
/var/lib/zope/etc/zope.conf has the following correctly defined:

    %define INSTANCE /var/lib/zope
    %define ZOPE /usr/lib/zope
    instancehome $INSTANCE

And my data files appear to be at


with appropriate permissions and ownership.  The file hasn't been 
touched since the time I did the upgrade, though the lock file in the 
same directory has.

Still though, I get the "Resource not found" screen from every page I 
attempt to access.  The university library relies on zope, so getting 
this fixed is the highest priority.

As for why version 2.7.2?  Well, I didn't intend to update at all, but 
an errant up2date, the RHEL rpm updater, did it for me.  And since the 
previous sysadmin built it from source and possibly put some things in 
non-standard places, disaster strikes.  And 2.7.2 was apparently the 
highest version for which rpms were available. 

I am concerned that an upgrade to the latest version would take days 
(maybe weeks) of work to reconcile differences, and resolve problems and 
dependencies.  And worse case, it might never see all our zope data 
again.  The highest priority here is to get it working ASAP.


Martijn Jacobs wrote:
> And do you see any errors when starting zope with zopectl fg ? (or do 
> you see any errors in the log/event.log file?)
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>> Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 12:04 AM
>> Subject: [Zope] Upgrade to 2.7.2 results in all content unavailable
>>> I upgraded to Zope 2.7.2 and all of my content can't be seen by 
>>> Zope.  Honestly I'm not sure what the previous version I was running 
>>> was (nor am I sure how to find out).
>>> Now, every page results in
>>> Site Error
>>> An error was encountered while publishing this resource.
>>> Resource not found
>>> Sorry, the requested resource does not exist.
>>> Check the URL and try again.
>>> Resource: Zope GET
>> What version of zope did you upgrade from?
>> What happens when you try to access any of the problem objects via 
>> the ZMI?
>> Jonathan
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