[Zope] Database conversion

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Apr 12 14:37:40 EDT 2008

Wes Modes wrote at 2008-4-11 17:12 -0700:
>I am running Zope 2.10.5  I've just upgraded from Zope 2.7
>I would like to move my database to the newly created instance.
>I followed the very reasonable and clear instructions here, 
>http://svn.zope.org/*checkout*/Zope/trunk/doc/FAQ.txt  (esentially, just 
>moving the Data.fs file)
>However, the old data does not come up when I bring up the server again.
>Perhaps the old objects need conversion or some other juju?

Maybe, some of them. And it may not be easy.

  For a long time, Zope supported two "BTree" packages,
  the old "BTree" and the new "BTrees".

  Starting with Zope 2.8, support for the old "BTree" package was dropped.
  Zope 2.8 can no longer read "BTree" instances if you have
  used them somewhere.

*If* this is your problem (your description so far does not
indicate it), then you need to make the conversion for
"BTree" to "BTrees" in your *old* instance, as Zope 2.8 (and above)
can no longer read "BTree" instances.


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