[Zope] Data.fs Recovery

Martijn Jacobs martijn at fourdigits.nl
Tue Apr 15 17:46:28 EDT 2008

Godwin Vaz wrote:
> Martin,
> The file size is 2GB. Could that be the problem?
Older versions of python (and the one used with zope2.4 is VERY old, 
probably 2.1) have indeed a filesize limit of 2 Gb so here is your problem.

Well, It was about time to migrate to a newer version anyway :) The ldap 
module you mention is probably a python module, so try if you can have 
this one working (or google for another version for python 2.4 on 
windows) http://www.agescibs.org/mauro/

Good luck.

Martijn Jacobs
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