[Zope] problem with ms sql server

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Dec 2 13:18:38 EST 2008

Miguel Beltran R. wrote at 2008-12-1 11:13 -0600:
>I have a zsql where made a UPDATE and INSERT, I need know when happen a
>error to show.
>I using pyodbc 2.0.58, zpyodbcda 1.0.6 and ms sql server 2000
>[zsql with error after render: actualiza_info ]
>UPDATE taller SET
>comercial = ''
>where taller = 1

I would expect the need of a command separator (here at least and maybe after
earlier commands as well).

>insert into taller_movimiento (estado, taller, fecha, asunto, observacion
>) values(
>'',         <--This must be not blank
>[dtml method]
>   <dtml-call actualiza_info>
>   All Ok
>   Error, but not showed :(

Omit the "dtml-try" (why does it end with "/dtml-if"?) and see
whether you get more information.


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