[Zope] Guestbook example app stops working

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 02:56:01 EST 2008

Hi, I'm looking at the idea of using Zope again (a lot seems to have
changed..)  I'm using Zope 2.11.1, and whilst trying to remind myself of the
basic machinery of Zope, I  imported the Example apps, and started to fiddle
around with the Guestbook example.   However, after saving the index_html
object of the Guestbook, Zope would no longer find any entries to display.
To check it was simply the act of saving index_html that broke the
Guestbook, I deleted the Examples folder and re-imported it.  With a fresh
Examples folder Guestbook worked; simply saving it (without even typing in
the textarea) would break the Guestbook.  On initial import it shows a
single Guestbook entry by "Amos", but after saving index_html, it reports
that the Guestbook is empty.  No changes were made to the 'getEntries'
script, and the Entries folder still has the entry by "Amos".

I can't see any reason why that would be, and hoped someone else could
explain what the problem is.
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