[Zope] Multiple zope instances using the same storage

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Sat Dec 6 13:37:40 EST 2008

Mark Gibson schrieb:
> I have an unusual setup.  I have 4 distinct Zope instances (4 seperate 
> Data.fs').  Each Data.fs is identical - Data is kept in a RDBMS.  I have 
> a product I need to install that stores data in the ZODB.  This data is 
> stored in one folder.
> Now, I *think* I can simply mount this folder in each ZODB and serve the 
> storage through a ZEO server - however I've never done this setup, so I 
> want to make sure this makes sense and I'm not overlooking potential 
> problems.
> This is a legacy setup that I'm not responsible for, so I'm trying to 
> keep my footprint in this setup as small as possible.  Using Zope 2.7.9.
> Thanks,
> Mark
this should be possible
there is even a tutorial someplace.
google for mountpoint
or catalog in an extra data.fs
or something such

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