[Zope] Centralized sessions with ZEO

John Snowdon j.p.snowdon at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Mar 11 05:30:26 EDT 2008

You're nearly there!

1. Change the mount point to be something like /session_folder 
2. Mount the data fs and create the mount point
3. Create a new transient object container in /session_folder
4. Change /session_data_manager to point to /session_folder/your_new_transient_object_container

Restart your zope servers and they should all start to use the same shared session back end.


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>I apologize if this has been asked ad nauseam.  I've uncovered enough
>information online to suggest that it has, but too little to get any
>kind of definitive answer.  My problem is that I am running a number of
>zope instances against a zeo instance.  I would like to store the
>session data in the ZEO instance so that the session data is shared
>between the different zope instances.  The question is how best to do
>What I've settled on is the approach given at
>http://www.zopelabs.com/cookbook/1061234337.  This appears to work fine,
>however I don't really like the idea of using an undoable store and
>having to constantly pack it.  I definitely don't need persistent data
>(if the sessions go away when I restart ZEO so be it).  I tried the same
>approach using a tempstorage instead of filestorage.  This works up
>until ZEO is stopped and started, at which point the transient object
>container in the temporary storage disappears (which makes sense, but is
>a little inconvenient).
>I also tried the approach at
>http://longsleep.org/1/howto/sharesessionwithzeo. This is absolutely
>perfect for what I want to do save for the fact that it doesn't work.
>No matter what I tried with it, the sessions don't get shared.  In fact,
>it doesn't look like the database on ZEO get recognized at all.  When I
>go to add a mount point it tells me that there is something in the way
>of /temp_folder (presumably the autocreated temporary folder object for
>the default sessions).  What I find particularly odd is that this
>appears to be the case for anything configured to mount at /temp_folder
>- including the temporary storage configured as part of the default
>zope.conf file.  Changing that part of the default config or removing it
>entirely doesn't appear to have any impact on how zope runs.
>I feel like I'm missing something.  It seems like configuring the
>sessions to use  tempstorage on the ZEO instance shouldn't be this hard.
>I'm also confused by the seemingly spurious block in the zope.conf:
><zodb_db temporary>
>    # Temporary storage database (for sessions)
>    <temporarystorage>
>      name temporary storage for sessioning
>    </temporarystorage>
>    mount-point /temp_folder
>    container-class Products.TemporaryFolder.TemporaryContainer
>I haven't been able to find much documentation on what the various
>options for this block mean (particularly the container-class) member.
>I should probably mention that I am running 2.8.7, which I realize is
>more than a little out of date at this point.  I'm hoping that somebody
>can fill me in a little or point me to some documentation I may have
>Thanks in advance
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