[Zope] Zope threads and the GIL

Manuel Vazquez Acosta mva.led at gmail.com
Mon May 5 11:47:33 EDT 2008

Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 5. Mai 2008 10:11:32 -0400 Manuel Vazquez Acosta
> <mva.led at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote:
>>> Then it should play nicely with Python. But keep in mind that thread
>>> switches can also be blocked by some thread without having the GIL
>>> locked. We've seen such situations were a thread had to perform complex
>>> regular expression matching operations. Obviously code in Python C
>>> extension is also able to lock up the Python interpreter until the
>>> result is being passed back to the Python interpreter.
>> Another Q: Is AccessControl GIL aware? I mean, this is probably the most
>> used component in Zope. Maybe a performance boost is experienced if
>> those checks can be made simultaneously.
> Better tell us what your _real_ question/problem is. I am not getting
> the point what you are really interested in.
> -aj

I'm thinking in CPU-bounded parts of a request: Reindexing, Clustering,
Automatic Content Extraction, and the like...

We have implemented k-means clustering algorithm on top ZCTextIndex (now
plan to port to zc.catalog), although this is batch operation, some
other are per-query: Summarizing is one of those: Per cluster, and per
document. (Although this is maybe a question for the OTS list).

So I'm a little bit worried about how the resource utilization.

Best regards,

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