[Zope] Zope threads and the GIL

Manuel Vazquez Acosta mva.led at gmail.com
Mon May 5 18:57:54 EDT 2008

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Manuel Vazquez Acosta wrote at 2008-5-4 11:12 -0400:
>> ...
>> That would mean that the only place where real multitasking occurs is
>> when fetching objects from ZEO and other I/O bounded tasks, isn't?
> I depends what you mean with "real multitasking".
> If you mean by this that several CPUs are concurrently active for your
> Zope process, then you are near. 

Exactly. Several CPUs, I would like to use.

> You can, however, also write code
> for expensive time consuming operations in a language different from
> Python and then release the GIL before you active such code. Then,
> this code, too, can occupy a CPU in addition to the Python activity.

I'm very new to Python, and don't grasp yet the C API. Also I would like
to implement almost everything in Python: I need this, b/c my of my
team's skills in C are None.

Best regards,

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