[Zope] Turning back system clock

Sinang, Danny D.Sinang at spi-bpo.com
Mon May 5 22:28:29 EDT 2008

Dear All,
The system clock of our Zope 2.7 machine accidentally got set to 2009.
We noticed this mistake 6 hours later and we decided to set back the
clock to 2008. 
How does this affect the integrity of Data.fs ?
>From our observation :
1. Session write errors suddenly began to appear
2. Data.fs.index won't grow anymore and its timestamp remained at the
time we set back the clock
3. Packing the database (which was 8 GB at the time) took too long
without any signs of any Data.fs.pack file in the var folder. We decided
to restart Zope after a few minutes.
4. There seem to be some catalog indexing problems as our catalog
searches on a certain field doesn't work as reliably as it did before.
We tried reindexing the field and even the catalog, but it timed out on
us (lots of objects in the database).
Has anyone here had any similar experiences ? How do I go about fixing
this ?
Using repozo.py last night, I made a full backup of Data.fs, copied it
to a new instance, was able to create a new Data.fs.index, and
eventually succeeded in packing the 8 GB database to just 2.4 GB. But it
took quite a while - like 10 or 15 minutes before any Data.fs.pack
I haven't checked yet if the catalog indexing problem has gone away.
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