[Zope] Turning back system clock

Sinang, Danny D.Sinang at spi-bpo.com
Tue May 6 00:37:50 EDT 2008


Is there a way to spot these data inconsistencies in Data.fs and remove
or fix them ?


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> Dear All,
> The system clock of our Zope 2.7 machine accidentally got set to 2009.
> We noticed this mistake 6 hours later and we decided to set back the 
> clock to 2008.
> How does this affect the integrity of Data.fs ?
>> From our observation :
> 1. Session write errors suddenly began to appear
> 2. Data.fs.index won't grow anymore and its timestamp remained at the 
> time we set back the clock
> 3. Packing the database (which was 8 GB at the time) took too long 
> without any signs of any Data.fs.pack file in the var folder. We 
> decided to restart Zope after a few minutes.
> 4. There seem to be some catalog indexing problems as our catalog 
> searches on a certain field doesn't work as reliably as it did before.
> We tried reindexing the field and even the catalog, but it timed out 
> on us (lots of objects in the database).
> Has anyone here had any similar experiences ? How do I go about fixing

> this ?

Turning the clock back is known to result in data inconsistencies.
It is is best-practice having NTP installed on all Zope machines.


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