[Zope] Making Zope stop storing old object versions

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu May 8 07:16:23 EDT 2008

>> Sinang, Danny wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We've got lots of Catalog reads and writes and our Data.fs is growing
>> at an immense rate.
>> Is there a way we can tell Zope to stop storing old object
>> versions to limit the growth and not have to pack that often ?
>Well in fact it (Filestorage) does only "store" new object versions.
>What it does not is removing the old version - this is done during packing.
>When you have many Catalog writes or other parts of your object tree
>experiences many writes, try to mount an extra ZODB (and storage) there.
>You can also try some of the other storages like relstorage (where it
>depends on the RDBMS how it handles writes)

Alternatively, you could just replace your Catalog with an external db such 
as MySQL (using zmysql database connections).


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