[Zope] Re: one zope instance per cpu

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed May 14 13:14:09 EDT 2008

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Sours, Kevin wrote:
>> Four:  the idea is to split up the processes so that their threads
> make best 
>> use of the available CPUs.  Python's global interpreter lock makes
> using more 
>> than one CPU within a single process problematic.
> In the multiprocess setup, is it better to run a single thread per
> process or multiple threads? Seems like multiple threads would still
> prevent long running requests from tying up a processor, but the
> overhead may not be worth it.  I haven't had a change to do any testing,
> so I was wondering if there was a concensus.

I would still go  with multiple threads, for the cases where the
application *does* release the GIL (e.g., making a call to a relational
database, etc.)  The tradeoff is that you hit the ceiling on RAM faster
with more threads, so if your system is RAM-constrained, you should
perhaps consider reducing the number of threads.

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