[Zope] Multithreading sessions

Jon Emmons jon.emmons at earthwavetech.com
Fri May 23 09:23:40 EDT 2008

Thanks Jaroslav,

I had already gone into zope.conf and added the line:

zserver-threads 10

This seemed to have no effect.  Is that what you mean?
You think I should bump it higher?  100 maybe?

Jon Emmons

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You need to increase number of server threads and/or number of database 
connections (it mean ZoDB connections).

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From: Jon Emmons

User 1 requests data that takes the MySQL server 30 seconds to retrieve


User 2 wants to log on

User 2 will not be served the logon page until user 1's query has finished.

Is this typical Zope behavior?

How do I get Zope to serve pages, run python scripts, etc. to multiple users



Jon Emmons

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