[Zope] Multithreading sessions

Jon Emmons jon.emmons at earthwavetech.com
Fri May 23 09:31:24 EDT 2008

Thanks Andreas,

And for a very long time that is what I thought.

We have 5 database servers.  They are each multisession servers.  If a query
on any one of them is taking any time, every zope user is locked up until
that query finishes, despite the server they are accessing.

I don't think it has a single thing to do with the database access, but I
have somehow gotten my zope installation in such a mode that each user
request is served serially and there is zero parallel processing.

It's not like I've seen a lot of zope installations, and I don't know how
they behave.  Typically the pages are served so rapidly that this is not a
noticeable behavior, but our user base and databases have grown to the point
that it has become critical.

Thanks for your help.

Jon Emmons

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> Is this typical Zope behavior?

No, and it is unlikely that Zope is in charge for this behavior.

You might encounter a situation where your database locks a table or 
something like that and therefore blocking other requests.


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