[Zope] Freelancing fees

Pablo Ziliani pablo at kultroom.com
Thu Apr 2 14:49:10 EDT 2009

Hi guys,

I've been working for the same Zope or Django projects for virtually 5 
years now, but recently, the circumstances and I reached an agreement 
concluding that it's time to start looking at freelancing. In 
consequence I need to set an hourly fee rate for the team.

So, I'm running a small studio in Argentina, taking both graphic design 
and programming stuff. The GD fee may be easier for me to figure than 
the programming one; particularly, I was wondering if the fact of 
knowing Zope2 very well added any cent to the "general programming" fee 
(whatever that could be). I know there are uncountable factors that make 
up this figure, but in order to achieve some kind of reference:

Off the top of your heads, which is a reasonable hourly fee for a 
project/task/client including zope-specific skills in the job 
description? $/€ 1, 15, 30, 50, 100, 300, ...?

Furthermore: how much if it doesn't?

Pablo Ziliani

PS: any tip on getting Python/Zope freelance jobs, highly appreciated

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