[Zope] How to add existing folder in Zope

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Thu Apr 2 15:15:05 EDT 2009

Tim Nash wrote:
> Or you can install plone and know that it has been well tested, it is 
> well maintained 

Ho ho ho... surely you jest?!

> Look, you can do it anyway you want but if you want to imply that my 
> suggestion to use Plone  is 'insane' you need to come up with a better 
> alternative than LocalFS.

Actually, I'd back Jens on this one... You swallow Plohn you're 
swallowing one *huge* codebase that will have you trapped with some 
obscure set of versions of stuff (including Zope!) for years to come.

> But of course this is all moot. For most installs the best way to use 
> large javascript libraries is to put it into an apache folder.



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