[Zope] [Zope-dev] Zope 4.0, maybe not such a bad idea...

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Thu Apr 2 16:41:38 EDT 2009

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On 02.04.2009 22:37 Uhr, Chris Withers wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Because we can't break existing download URL - neither to old Zope
>> releases 
> I'd imagine the full set of releases would appear on the respective
> parts of classic.zope.org or advanced.zope.org...

*shrug* I don't care if those releases on the new zope2.zope.org
microsite or somewhere else. The point is that the release should
remain available under their well-known URL - and I won't work
on the migration of the old stuff to a new site in any way :-)

>> nor to old product releases.
> I wonder how many of these are actually safe to use nowadays?
> (ie: run without patching and have an active maintainer)

This is not the point. We're playing nice and won't break
those links - used or not used .

- -aj
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