[Zope] RIP Zope 2!

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 12:54:06 EDT 2009

Tim Nash wrote:
>>> *This* community is dead, get over it and move on.
>  Yeah, you are right.
> If you really think zope 3 (or 4) can stand on it's own, 

"zope 3 app server" has a small community of users who've indicated 
they're not wedded to that brand continuing.

"the zope framework" is already in existence (no 4 release though!) and 
contains packages used by "zope 3 app server", "zope 2 app server", 
plone, repoze, grok and even twisted.

> just rename
> zope 2 to 'plone base'. That will cut down on the confusion.

The fact that I don't think that's the case is why I haven't suggested 
that in the "Zope 4.0" thread...

> But beware, unless you can make zope 4 more appealling to a wider
> group of casual developers it will be reduced to little more than a
> well regarded library.

That has already happened I'm afraid...

> Not anything an IT manager is in a hurry to
> bring in-house.

I don't know any IT manager rushing to bring "Zope" in any shape or form 

> You may want to take a good look at how much money you
> actually make on zope 3 consulting before you kill zope 2.

I'm sure most of the people who make money from "zope" do so by selling 
solutions, not product or the "zope" brand. As such, if I put my 
business hat on, I'd be looking to Django, Pylons, Plone for consulting 
opportunities based on "brand" ;-)


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