[Zope] [Zope-dev] Zope 4.0, maybe not such a bad idea...

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Sun Apr 12 03:37:56 EDT 2009

+-------[ Dieter Maurer ]----------------------
| Andrew Milton wrote at 2009-4-11 21:46 +1000:
| > ...
| >So your position is, the code is fine, but, the docs suck so don't use
| >it. Well the docs have always sucked, the zope-3 docs don't seem any
| >better. Perhaps the people deprecating and removing interfaces willy-nilly 
| >should document the replacements and how to change over existing consumers 
| >of the removed interfaces, or re-implement the removed interfaces using
| >"the new way."
| >
| >These are all issues for The Zope Foundation to address, not for you to
| >badger individuals who don't agree with your dogma-de-jour. Badger the
| >people responsible to do something. 
| The people driving the Zope Foundation are (mostly) unfortunately heavily in
| favour of what they call "cleaning up code" and removing backward
| compatibility....

Yes the "improve with axe" methodology has never worked in any other
project, I don't know why anyone thinks Zope2 would be different.

I can see having to write a "shim" product to get existing code to 
keep working until there's time to fix it all.

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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