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On 13.04.2009 11:33 Uhr, robert rottermann wrote:
> Hi there,
> this is an email I wanted to write for several times in the past.
> I find it very sad, that grown up people that are extremely knowledgeable and
> the source of lots of incredibly helpful advice *nobody* else seems to be able
> or willing to give, contributers of a wealth of tools the whole zope community
> would be worse off without, do not have the the *maturity* to withheld their
> personal animosity.

This is not about personal animosity - this is soley about contributing
to Zope. It is highly discouraging for the small number of people that
currently maintain Zope 2 and work on the next Zope release having to
read Zope being a dictatorship and getting accused subliminally doing
most things wrong by a highly skilled contributor constantly refusing
making contributions to the Zope core or taking over initiative or
showing responsiblity within the Zope community.
Such comments and allegations are not adequate when you have in mind
that people like Hanno, Lennard and myself spend a lot of personal and
company time and money visiting conferences, sprints in order to discuss
and work things out.

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