[Zope] problem accessing object as anonymous

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Wed Apr 22 06:29:58 EDT 2009

robert rottermann schrieb:
> Hi there,
> I try to find out, why  in an intranet accessing an object from a link sendt by
> email is not possible.
> situation:
> a user from a plone intranet sends a link to a dokument within the intranet to a
> colleague.
> if that colleague clicks on the link while *not logged* into the intranet she is
> presented with the *browser* login box repeatedly. entering the credential does
> not help.
> the error log shows that access to the document is forbidden for the document
> for the user Anonymous
> while debugging I found out, that the __roles__ property of a given document is
> a tuple of the form
> ('GroupMember', 'Guest', 'Manager', 'FolderManager', 'Owner')
> if I copy the same document to a vanilla plone site its __roles__ property is
> ['Anonymous', 'Manager', 'Reviewer', 'Manager', 'Anonymous']

I found out more:
this dropping of 'Anonymous' and converting to a tuple only happens when I use
our own workflow.
if I use the standard plone workflow so I wonder, what can provoke this?


> I have the impression, that when 'Anonymous' is part of __roles__, access to the
> object is possible. without it, access fails.
> now my questions:
> is the assumption, that the failed acces is caused by the missing 'Anonymous'
> role in __roles__ correct?
> if yes: what controls the setting of __roles__
> if not: what could be the reason of the fact, that users are not presented the
> cookieCrumbler-base plone login is not presented?
> thanks very much for your help
> robert

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