[Zope] bug? pagetemplate using strftime

Miguel Beltran R. yourpadre at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 18:06:16 EDT 2009

> 'item.fetcha' is what kind of instance? DateTime? datetime?
> How to reproduce the behavior?
> We need something that works on any system.

 I don't know what type is.
How can know?

<tr tal:repeat="item container/getData">
  <td tal:content="python: item.fecha.strftime('%d-%m-%Y');">09-01-2009</td>
  <td tal:content="item/fecha">2009/01/10</td>

getData is a zsql method what connect to postgresql using zpsycopgda 2.0
conecction with enconding utf-8 serializable (with zope internal datetime
option enabled and disabled) and not work :(

This problem happen too with ms sql server 2000 with zpyodbc. Using %d break
the day.
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