[Zope] Backing up a Zope instance with Relstorage / Mysql

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Apr 23 13:46:16 EDT 2009

Anthony Gerrard wrote:
> We're setting a new Zope instance (2.10.7) using Relstorage (1.1.3)
> and MySql (5.0.77).  We have 3 different mount points (main, Plone
> and temp) all pointing to different mysql databases.
> I can't find any instructions about backing up this type of
> environment.  Can just we back databases up sequentially?

Your main database probably changes very infrequently.  No Plone user 
action should change the main database, so I suspect the backup order 
doesn't matter much.

If both databases changed often, we'd have to think harder.  For 
example, if you put your catalog in a different database, you would want 
to either back them up at the same instant (by shutting down, using a 
volume snapshot, or holding a lock on both databases for a short time) 
or back up the catalog first and plan to rebuild the catalog whenever 
you restore.


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